One Stop, Design Shop

Nixel is a multidisciplinary, independently owned design studio. 

Our aim is to use our knowledge of design and understanding of business to ensure that you always have an edge over your competition. 

Our work encompasses graphic and identity, products and packaging, advertising and communication, data visualisations and typefaces. 

What We Do

Brand Identity Design

Business Presentations

Social Media

Brand Strategy

We craft sustainable brand strategies that allows us to translate original ideas into uniquely impactful brand strategies defining the future of the brand. 

We encompass several different brand elements like voice, storytelling, brand identity, brand values, and overall vibe.

Brand Creation

We are a dynamic team driven by a single goal- using good design to shape experience, connect people and make the world delightful. 

Our creative and sustainable solutions shape the smallest detail all the way through to complete user journeys.

Brand Experience

Creating immersive experiences allow the brands we work with to shine and to speak to people clearly.

We will tell your story in a way that makes sense for your individual brand.

Nikitha Jain

CEO, Nixel

" I graduated as a Fashion Designer from NIFT, started working with as Women's wear designer, but never found myself completely satisfied. 

During college, I used to trade my hand illustrations with friends in return for some of their presentations or digital works. Somehow I got through it everytime and the best opportunity hit me when i got to work with the marketing team of Ajio. What started as an opportunity became a routine. That's when I realised my strength.

I quit my job and started freelancing as a graphic designer. Started learning side by side as I had no academic knowledge. It was pretty tough to get back to basics at that stage, but it has been the most beautiful phase.

Being a bollywood fan, I believe in it sometimes. Aamir Khan once said - Zindagi main excellence ke peeche bhago, success ke nai, excellence apne aap tumhare peeche aayegi!

Nixel has always been my dream and it got true  only because of the clients who trusted in me! "